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("One looks forward to future productions with keen anticipation")

Since 1993, one of the Company’s key aims has been producing only productions by south west writers:

"Tess of the D'Urbervilles" - Thomas Hardy's own script

("The audience was treated to one of those rare evenings of theatre magic by a versatile, highly accomplished team"- 1993)

("Passionately depicted by a vivacious cast"... "This powerful production is not to be missed"- 2001)

"Youth's a Stuff will not Endure" - John Pilkington

("I so enjoyed the performance - and so did the audience")

"At the End of the Day" - Jean Nelson

("High professional standards")

"The Hole in the Top of the World" and "The Delights of France" - Fay Weldon

("An ambitious and challenging evening. Full credit to Michael Barry's Company")

"Sowing the Seed" - triple bill comprising:

          - "Looking for England" - Graham Harvey

          - "Heartland" - John Pilkington

          - "Cows" - Karoline Leach

("Dramatic portrayal... moving picture... poignant play. A powerful and professional performance")

"Tom Jones" - Michael Barry/ Henry Fielding

("This fine new adaptation was faithful, hilarious, full of character, rich dialogue and action")

"The Warden" - Michael Barry/ Anthony Trollope

("The magic began - under the sure direction of Michael Barry")

"Dickens at Christmas" - John Hagan/ Charles Dickens

("Beautifully delivered... intimate and evocative feeling. Charming night out!")

"An Evening with Dr Grace" - Anthony Smith

("A most excellent evening of entertainment")

"The Organization" - triple bill comprising:

          - "Working the System" - Allen Saddler

          - "Pencils" - Peter Norbury

          - "How to make your Theatre Pay" - David Henry Wilson

("The three studies provide a good insight into government and the prevailing consensus of corruption")

"MacShrew" - Lesley Trotter

"The Snow Queen" - Lesley Trotter

("It was the best show I've ever seen in my life... It was terrific")

"A Christmas Carol" - Phil Smith and Paul Stebbings/ Charles Dickens

("In the vanguard for originality in this imaginative new adaptation"- 1997)

("This excellent totally engaging and quite frankly better than any glittering TV personality filled pantomime.."- 2001)

Double bill comprising:

          - "Love Letters" - Michael Barry/ Thomas Hardy.

          - "Passion and the Revolutionary" - Michael Barry/Thomas Hardy

("Entertaining, attractively presented and refreshingly welcome")

"The Indiscretion of an Heiress" - Michael Barry/ Thomas Hardy

"I Love my Love" - Fay Weldon

"Hotel UFO" - Phil Smith

"A Life in the Day" - Les Veales

"Dead Woman's Ditch" - Michael Barry

("A powerful story inhabited by rounded characters... a wonderful piece of story-telling"..."The play was excellent - story, content and production")

"Not in my Back Yard" - Frank Hatt

("This very amusing, gently teasing portrayal…. Such an enjoyable spectacle")

"Do Reindeer Dream of Santa Claus?” – Pete Diamond

“The Mayor of Casterbridge” – Philip Gould

(“Directed with an intelligent simplicity that ensures a great Dorset story is told with atmospheric clarity”)

And presented productions:

"Courtship" - Kim Hicks/ Jane Austen

("What a delight! A truly accomplished performance")

"Couples?" - Kim Hicks/ Dorothy Parker

("Vastly entertaining evening - a real treat!")

“All Aboard” – Kim Hicks

(“A thoroughly entertaining and illuminating piece of theatre”)

"Man of the Minute" - David Weller/ John Aubrey

("Splendid in every way" - "I was spellbound")

"A Father for my Son" – Jenny Coverack/ Kathleen Scott

("A riveting production" - "A great success")

"East Lynne – the Victorian story" – Vera Hughes + David Weller/ Mrs Henry Wood

("Drawn with uncanny realism")

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