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The audience enjoyed the show and were most complimentary about the acting. They were good.

(Kingsbridge Theatre Organizer)

This professional, entertaining evening of raunchy 18th century comedy... This fine new adaptation by Artistic Director, Michael Barry, was faithful, hilarious, full of character, rich dialogue and action.

(Dorchester Guardian)

Group's Passionate Performance. This version of Henry Fielding's book was packed with passion and innuendo. The company must be complimented. Many of the cast played two roles and showed great versatility.

(Weston Mercury)

Sex, seduction, deception and hypocrisy - and that's all in the first five minutes. Michael Barry's version (has) more double entendres than an explosion in a Carry On film factory. It fairly bounces along.

(Swindon Advertiser)

The Wessex Actors Company succeeded in captivating the audience with this skilful adaptation by MB who also directed. This production provided noteworthy entertainment. When witnessing competent ensemble work, it seems unfair to record individual praise but (etc)...

(The Stage - on first night)

Thank-you, thank-you. It was a wonderfully  entertaining evening - we haven't laughed so much for ages, and we very much admire your amazing skills and the dedication that keeps you performing despite all the problems. Come back again soon.

(Audience member, Wiltshire)

What a wonderful performance. We enjoyed every minute, word, swoon and flatulation of it. We are absolutely delighted.

(Newton Tony Organizer)

We have had people say how much they enjoyed it. I'm sure we will be booking you again.

(Minehead Regal Organizer)

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent performances. The pace of the show was breath-taking. I hope it gets the acclaim it deserves.

(Chair-person, Somerset Playwrights)

(Note: much praise for individual performances not included).

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