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Launch tour: November/ December 2004 as follows.

Tel 01278 733100


26/11 Kempsford Village Hall (01285 810699/810270)
27/11 Morchard Bishop V Hall (01363 877572)
30/11 Guildhall, Chard (01460 260371)
1/12 Frampton Mansell V Hall (01285 760211)
4/12 Brent Knoll V Hall (01278 760986)
9/12 Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis (01297 442394)
10/12 Warminster Library (01985 216022)
11/12 Butterleigh V Hall (01884 855255/855750)
15/12 Quantock Lodge, Nether Stowey.

Do Reindeer Dream of Santa Claus?

A Christmas comedy by Pete Diamond

When Des and Bobby take a wrong turn after a hard day’s work, they end up in a deserted station with a car that refuses to start and mobiles which don’t work. As it’s Christmas Eve, they appear to be up a certain creek without a wotsit. And they really want to get home for Christmas!

Enter a Stranger! And few could be stranger!!

But can he help? When the lads realise how the Stranger arrived at the station, they seriously panic! When they hear his solution to their getting home in time for Christmas, they panic again!

One thing’s for sure – they’ll never see Christmas in quite the same light ever again!!

A new and original Christmas comedy for all the family. Come and be amazed – and find out
"Do Reindeer dream of Santa Claus!"

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