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The Company served five counties of the South-West for 13 years on negligible finance, taking some 25 own productions and 5 presented one-person shows to 179 venues, mostly on multiple visits. A unique focus on talent and writing from the South-West generated the company’s policy over that period. This archive provides a brief record of the company’s achievements as time allows.


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v  The Company's Lottery-funded assets are for sale: see listing and prices 

v    View "Running Time: 13 Years" – a publication celebrating 13 years of operation and detailing essential facts and figures about the Company’s operation.

v    Find out about The Wessex Actors Company's history and aims

v    Our focus has always been on the creative talent of the South-West - so who are the writers whose work we have produced?

v    Search the list  of venues played by the Company

v    Discover the sources of funding, who helped the Company (beyond earnings from activities)

Information on some past productions:

v    The Wessex Actors Company has twice produced Hardy's own dramatization of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" (1993 and 2001) - the only company to have done so since Hardy’s own production (last played 1929). Our acting/ production edition is now published and represented by New Theatre Publications.

v    "Love Letters", one of our best ever productions, was a retelling of Thomas Hardy's moving domestic drama "On the Western Circuit". This has now been published and is represented by New Theatre Publications - click here.

v    Another Hardy adaptation published and available for production is “Passion and the Revolutionary”, a tragic mature love story in one-act form for a cast of 3 and based on a short story.

v    Responses to our production of Michael Barry’s “Dead Woman’s Ditch” – based on thetrue story of John Walford, hanged for the murder of his wife in 1789. Now published and represented by New Theatre Publications as "Burning Passions" - click here

v    Responses to our riotous and highly-regarded production of “Tom Jones”. This is also available for further production from New Theatre Publications.

v    Info on: "Do Reindeer Dream of Santa Claus?"

v    Find out about our last own production: "The Mayor of Casterbridge"   

v    Other productions are identified in "RunningTime: 13 Years"

v    The Community Chest was the Company's unique programme of small-scale, low-cost productions for small venues:

Ø     The portfolio of productions

Ø     The Community Chest Press release

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