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Update March 2010

Wessex Actors Company assets up for sale.

The Wessex Actors Company has ceased trading and is realising the value of its assets.

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The items available enabled the company to be completely self-contained while touring extensively within five counties, taking the work of regional playwrights and creative talent to a wide range of venues, most of them unequipped with theatre hardware.

Sets and staging, designed to a comprehensively modular system, as well as some solid professional lighting and sound equipment, are still available.

These are available to appropriate organizations at confirmed fair prices (mostly checked in detail with Stage Electrics and other suppliers).

NB: The minibus and trailer, 50% of lighting, props and costumes, smoke gun and stage pistol have all been sold. What remains is some lighting, all sound equipment, and the staging.

The two complete separate product groups will each be sold at a 10% discount.

Buyers for individual items will be accepted.

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To make an offer contact Michael Barry on 01278-733100 or email us 

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