"The Art of COOL-CLIMATE Vinegrowing"


"The Art of COOL-CLIMATE Winemaking"

These highly comprehensive videos (2 sets of 2 videos each) are Gillian Pearkes' final publishing venture. Some 5 hours of detailed information distil decades of invaluable experience and hard-won expertise in this challenging area of viticulture and viniculture.

Gillian's classic book "Vinegrowing in Britain" sold tens of thousands of copies. Her obituary in The Times identified her as "a leading figure in the resurgence of viticulture in Britain and an international authority in the cultivation of outdoor grapes".

Produced and directed by Michael Barry (Perceptive Creation, Quantock Vineyards & Orchards), with technical production by Brian Bateman (Swift Television), these videos uniquely fill a significant gap in the training resources available to students of wine and wine-makers  working in cool climates anywhere in the world.

A Somerset Screen Production

(Co-producers Perceptive Creation, The Counting House, Dodington, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK TA5 1LE (01278-733100)  

(E-mail: michaelis@perceptivecreation.co.uk)

AND Swift Television, 67 Moorland Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK TA6 4JS (01278-422804))

PRICE – 35% discount to clear stock: 

          NTSC set of 2 videos only                         £17.52

          Both sets purchased together                    £35.04

Only NTSC sets remain in stock and are fine in multi-standard players. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Plus, plus, plus: the rights to the programme – for further development, conversion to DVD, etc, together with all original footage (some 50 Hiband Umatic tapes) are available to potential purchasers for sensible offer.

Phone or E-mail: booksforsale@perceptivecreation.co.uk with order and postal address. Price (inc postage/ packing) will be confirmed by return after weighing books.

PayPal option – please send email address.

Cheque or money order to: Michael Barry, The Counting House, Dodington, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1LE

Tel: (0044) (0)1278 733100.


The case today (2012):

The demise of analogue video and adoption of digital formats means that republishing these videos requires complete digitization of the analogue masters and an editing down of the content to produce a set of 2 DVDs.

Somerset Screen Productions is prepared to undertake this commitment to the enormous value of the content of the videos, if a sufficient number of strong expressions of interest are received from readers of our ebook

Pricing is proposed as £25 for both DVDs (at 1/2/12 equivalent to $39.57 and Eu 30.10). Postage worldwide to be at cost +10% for packaging. A 20% discount (to DVD price) will be applied to those who contact us initially expressing interest and follow-through when republishing complete.

Please let us know if the reissue in DVD format would be of interest, together with contact details. Thank-you.

SOMERSET SCREEN PRODUCTIONS (+44 (0)1278 733100) or marketing@perceptivecreation.co.uk

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"The Art of COOL-CLIMATE Vinegrowing"

comprises a two video set which covers:

An Overview                         What is a Vine?

Siting a Vineyard             Choosing Vine Varieties

Planting a Site                         Site Care in the Spring

Simple Frost Control                                 Disbudding

Flowering & Fruitset                                Summer Pruning

Spraying & Disease                      Protection against Predators

Preparing for Harvest                     Assessment and Harvesting

Winter Pruning & Training             Growing in a Polytunnel

Growing under Glass                            In a Walled Garden

Organic Winegrowing                    The Smaller Producer

The Larger Producer

"The Art of COOL-CLIMATE Winemaking"

comprises a two video set which covers:

An Overview                                Preparing for Harvest

Harvest in the Winery                    Fermenting White Wine

Red Wine                                  Secondary Fermentation

Post-fermentation & Stabilization               Fining Red Wine

To Filter - or not to Filter?  

Testing Wine (alcohol, sugar, tannin, acid, sulphur)

Filtration, Bottling & Cellarage     Production in a Small Winery

Production in a Larger Winery      Production of Organic Wine

Capsuling & Labelling                                  More About Labels

Assessing a Wine                            Marketing Wine

Marketing Organic Wine

Each section is followed by a useful

"Points to Remember" summary.

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