The Palestrina Affair - a feature film

Reece desperately needs big money for his major project. Does he fight for it in the jungle of normal financing channels - or does he let himself be seduced by a gorgeous femme fatale, who can organise the murder of his wealthy wife?

He pursues both courses - entering the challenging steeple-chase of finding serious corporate investment - and letting his hot and eager mistress set him up with a professional killer.

Events spiral out of control.

Nothing is at it seems, everyone has dark secrets and hidden agendas. The twists and turns in this Somerset thriller will keep you guessing to the end. And Reece does reach the end.

"Everyone deserves a break - but do you kill to get it?"

"The Palestrina Affair"

A Somerset Thriller
In development

Now financing

A Perceptive Creation and ANO co-production

Perceptive Creation (Michael Barry)
The Counting House, Dodington, Bridgwater,
Somerset TA5 1LE
01278 733100/ 07906 364189

Qualified persons: Please e-mail for the URL of the page giving access to detailed files for your consideration - viz Investor invitation, Script, Business Plan, Sales leaflet. Please qualify your interest.

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