Jupp and Macready, mysterious enigmas, have one aim in life: to spread Confusion and Misrule. Normal people can get seriously disturbed in the process – but it tends to bring them alive!

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Who are Jupp and Macready? Where have they come from? Answers are only hinted at in this new film from Michael Barry and Matthew O’Sullivan.

Jupp – an enigma wrapped inside a mystery – and the faithful, equally mysterious Macready devote their lives to a noble mission: to spread Confusion and Misrule wherever they go.

Materializing in an English country town they swiftly swing into action. A hopeful job applicant is subjected to an increasingly bizarre job interview, an ordeal that leaves him without the faintest idea whether he has got the job or not.

A young man eating his lunch in the park becomes their next target. Cast as a secret agent, he finds himself unable to give the password; but does he have the plans that Jupp and Macready so urgently need?

Jupp and Macready, from Perceptive Creation, is produced and co-directed by Michael Barry and scripted and co-directed by Matthew O’Sullivan. The film stars David French as Jupp and Kathryn Worth as Macready.  The supporting cast and the crew are all local to Somerset, where the film was shot.

This is the 3rd film from Barry and O’Sullivan – the previous two being “Walking Shadow” and “Murder Plot”


J+M DVD cover front.jpg



Jupp                        David France

Macready               Kathryn Worth

John Bennett          Reece Baker

Michael Smith        Simon Bennett

Blake                      Adam  J S Smith

Secretary                Martine Davies

Manager                 Matthew O’Sullivan



Script                      Matthew O’Sullivan

DP/ camera             Jim Birkett

2nd unit camera       Damien Grey

Camera Assistant   Joe Edmondson

                               Kaiih Knight

Production Designer  Dona Bullion

Sound operator       Zac Gill

Editor                     Jesse Lawrence

    Directors                 Michael Barry, Matthew                       ....................................O’Sullivan

Producer                 Michael Barry

A Perceptive Creation


Special thanks to:

Lyndon Brett Partnership, Bridgwater

Cafe Cream, Bridgwater

Sedgemoor District Council.



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