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Writer /director /producer Michael Barry has several decades experience in professional production ‑ directing 100 theatre productions; 200+ screen credits as broadcast TV writer/ Programme Associate; and some 100 credits as corporate producer/ director/ writer.

Has directed and produced a number of short films and larger-scale sell-through videos.

Recorded media production (film, TV, radio):  He has produced, directed and scripted an 18 minute short film ("Old Mrs Chundle") of a Thomas Hardy short story (a taster for a major series); a karaoke video ("Vienna"), and an award‑winning Super 8 short ("Image").

He has published sell-through videos (on Vine-growing & Wine-making); constructed two substantial interactive viewdatabases for the Foreign Office; has a major BBC Radio classic dramatization credit ("Zuleika Dobson"); and two broadcast soap opera writing credits (STV's "Garnock Way").

Most recent productions: “Walking Shadow”17’ 35” thriller-drama; selling to individuals, submissions to global festivals, and eventually to global TV

And “Murder Plot” - 25’ 47” thriller-drama short film; likewise available to the public as DVD or download.

Producer of major 4 DVD, 6.5 hour, 27 chapter epic "The 2008 Nether Stowey May Festival and 10th Twinning Anniversary"

For theatre, he has adapted and directed "Tom Jones", "The Warden", "Love Letters" and other classics, directed many premieres of new theatre work (inc his own "Dead Woman's Ditch"); and set up and ran The Wessex Actors Company from 1993 to 2006.

Stage play list as writer - available for reading and/or production. 7 plays published/ represented by New Theatre Publications. Rest available directly. Also new pdf brochure (DS A4 3-fold - Nov 2009)

Details of 100 stage productions undertaken as director, often as producer as well.

Some selected press comments on stage productions. (Yet to be uploaded - full reviews and comments).

A thorough detailed ebook is on sale: “The Use of Masks in Drama and in Life” bringing together the views of a huge number of experts from around the world to focus on all the reasons why we want and need to wear masks.

Internet Publisher

Keep Your Health Information is a major internet publishing venture, focussed on wellness and prevention of problems.

“The Sexual Man” – a domain devoted to male health is accessed at An epic combination of 44+ week free e-course (also available as 2 vol ebook) + free special report on male/female relationships (uncondensed MP3 version available)

As well as: 5 seminal classic key works that have shaped our thinking on health today – now newly republished.



He has a number of current film and TV drama projects seeking commissions.

He also has a considerable acting background and is sometimes available as such.

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