A very small selection of press comments on stage productions by Michael Barry

(from some 15 A4 pages of similar available)


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"The set and the production (both by M.B.) were outstanding"

"The whole effect was to make Shakespeare what it was meant to be - an occasion for pleasure"

"This is a new piece of theatre about a national calamity that merits national attention"

"Under M.B's direction the play moves briskly with unexpected twists and neatly-contrived climaxes"

"This production by M.B. is notable"

"Sorry for all the superlatives. This is such a superlative show"

"Mr B's highly sensitive production...indicated a deep understanding of the play and superb judgement into the bargain"

"M.B. has proved himself a master of the thriller"

"M.B's impeccable direction"

"Outstanding...a production of a West End calibre"

"Exceptionally good production"

"M.B's direction is as economically effective as the dialogue. Difficult to imagine it being better acted"    

"Top-class theatre - splendid staging"

"….striking moments in a splendidly-achieved piece of theatre"

"The most coherent overall production I've seen of the play. The West End production was messy by comparison." (Alan Plater, author) 

"The production by M.B. restores Ochtertyre to its glory. Triumph!"

"One of the Group's most ambitious Fringe contributions. The direction is imaginative."

"A fine production which does justice to a very difficult play."

"... in the vanguard for originality in this imaginative adaptation... It held avid attention from a full house".

"...the finest piece of theatre we have seen since moving to the West Country. Not only was the acting of the highest quality but your sensitive adaptation of Hardy's stories was faultless."

"Entertaining, attractively presented and refreshingly welcome..."

"Michael Barry has a strong track record for Thomas Hardy adaptations, and he has come up trumps again with this attractive version of one of the best-known short stories... The combination of his observant writing and sympathetic assimilation for the theatre makes this a pleasantly bitter-sweet experience... put across with affecting simplicity, but also considerable style and is splendidly acted..."

"...superb performance ..such a high degree of professionalism."

"The magic began - under the sure direction of Michael Barry."

"This professional, entertaining evening of raunchy 18th century comedy... This fine new adaptation by Artistic Director, Michael Barry, was faithful, hilarious, full of character, rich dialogue and action".

"Sex, seduction, deception and hypocrisy - and that's all in the first five minutes. Michael Barry's version (has) more double entendres than an explosion in a Carry On film factory. It fairly bounces along".

"..this skilful adaptation by MB who also directed. This production provided noteworthy entertainment."

"Fay Weldon tells us how pleased she is with what you've done with the production".

"The key scene was splendidly handled. The action was carried forward with developing tension, foreboding and a sense of tragedy"

"A clear cut, sensitive production in every way - an impressive evening's entertainment, with a polish many well established groups might envy."

"The audience was treated to one of those rare evenings of theatre magic by a versatile, highly accomplished, self-contained team"

and so on, and so on............!


(There are many pages of these short comments from press and audiences - available on appropriate request)


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