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Acting CV.

The Counting House, Dodington, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1LE

Tel 01278 733100

Mobile 07906 364189



Born:21 May 1942

NI number: YH 079529D

Driver's licence: BARRY/405212/MJ9UJ issue no: A2750272

Equity number: 45722 (under Honourable Withdrawal)


Physical Skills:

Swimming, skiing, (hang-gliding, microlight pilot, paragliding – too rusty).

Drivecars, motor-bikes, up to 7.5 ton trucks.

Photography; Horse-riding (rusty).



Height 5'11", chest 40", waist 35", inside leg 31",

head7/7.25, weight ca 13 stone.

Collar15 1/2; shoe 8 1/2; hair grey; eyes brown



Professional acting experience includes:


TV:     Mortier's Aide - "War and Peace" (BBC)                             Articled Clerk - "Glan Hafran"

            "The Jolly Potters" (Stage show filmed BBC)                     Victim - “Natural Mystery” (paranormal series HTV)

            Surgeon - "Crime Limited – After Martin" (BBC)              Founding Chairman Sun Life (corporate)

            Clerk of Court - "Ty fyn, Ty fas" (Pontcanna/ S4C)        Businessman in "Going Down" (short drama)

            Sir John Fortescue – “Monarchy” (ITV)                               Lead in student film (Bridgwater College)


and Supporting Artist roles: “Torchwood” (evangelising preacher); “Skins” (sexed-up janitor); "Coming Home" (Vicar); "Dangerfield" (Police Superintendent, prison officer, SCO);  "The Choir" (School Governor); "Wycliffe"; "House of Elliott" (MP); "Backup"; "The Revenue Men", "Jam Omelette" (Sextet series), "Casualty" (anaesthetist, senior paediatrician, patient, police inspector, judge, paramedic etc), "Thin End of the Wedge", "Mourning Brooch", "Eagle of the Ninth", "Mayor's Charity", "The Standard"; "Berkeley Square"; "Animal Ark"; "Vanity Fair", "East Enders", "Pobol y Cwm"; "Harbour Lights"; "Wives and Daughters"; "Dr Xargol"; "Dalziel & Pascoe"; "The Prince & The Pauper"; "A Respectable Trade"; "Tom Jones"; "The Last Salute"; "Mortimer's Law"; "Love of Rowens" (Nye Bevan Story); "Dinosaur Hunters", "Bertie & Elizabeth", "Down to Earth"; “Afterlife”, “Dr Who”; “Teachers” (Regular Teacher 2004). Films: "The James Gang"; "Nightingale", "The Visitors", "Blackball", “Lucky Break”, “The Truth About Love”, “Echo of Guilt”, “Four Seasons”.

Photographic Model: Take-a-Break (several)

Corporate Roleplay:             Extensive experience (Private Patients Plan, Liverpool Victoria, Frizzell Group, Teachers Insurance, Abbey Life, Nat West/Norwich Union, UWE Law Dept, Bristol University Psychiatric Unit, MOD, National Audit Commission, Npower). Videos for Psychodynamix, World Dating Partners.






Slender - "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

Ferneze's Knight - "Jew of Malta"

Lexy Mill - "Candida"

Several parts in "The Jolly Potters"

2 lead parts on Brian Way tour (schools)

Mr Lockwood - "Wuthering Heights"

Dr Gribble - "Love from a Stranger"

Old Tyme Music Hall

Captain Baltinsky - "Offshore Island"

2 roles - "The Enchanted Square

2 roles - "The Time Fisher"  children's plays

Male lead - "Mixed Doubles" (2 hander)

Bardolph/Sir Michael - "Henry IV"

Hunter - "Ten Minute Alibi"

Convict - "See how they run"

Peters - "Temple Folly "

Dudley - "Let Sleeping Wives Lie"

Ogden - "Verdict"

Renfield - "Dracula"

Frith - "Rebecca"

Chotomate - "Birds on the Wing"


Theatres acted in:

Edinburgh Gateway; Victoria Stoke-on-Trent; Her Majesty's Barrow-in-Furness; Traverse Edinburgh; Dundee Rep; Devonshire Park Eastbourne; Brewhouse Taunton.


Career (non-acting):

10 (+ 13 part-time) years professional theatre - a number of acting parts (but mainly technical, directing, management).

4 years broadcast TV - writer/ researcher

10 (+ 10 freelance) years corporate production - producer/ director/ writer.

Now development/ production of drama projects for TV and feature film market; making short films

Ran/founded The Wessex Actors Company (professional regional touring theatre co. – 1993-2006).

Also ex-vineyard owner/ wine-maker, property rental, on-line publishing




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