Pentax and other photographic equipment for sale

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SP500 body, cap, strap, shutter cable (below).

Spotmatic (3226837) *


Cable release *


55m lens Super Takumar f1.8 + cap + skylight filter (Hoya 1B + box) *


85mm lens Auto Takumar f 1.8 + non orig. cap + hood (small dent) *

This was the first "all black" fast telephoto, and had a different - simpler - telephoto design: 5 elements in 4 groups
Nevertheless the design was derived from its predecessor (third element replaced by a "air lens" and simplified rear aperture group)
Very nice made and easy to distinguish due to its "front" aperture ring (similar to the early Auto-Takumar standard lenses of the early 60's)
weight 330g, Filter size 55mm. Close distance 0.85m (2.8 ft)

“most sought after lens of all the screw mount Pentax 85s”

“one of Pentax’s best lenses”


135mm Super Takumar f3.5 + hood + caps *


Optomax auto telephoto 135mm lens f2.8 (Pentax fit). No front cap. Small item of dirt on inner surface.


Prinz Galaxy auto 2x converter (Pentax fit). In case + cap *



2 sets rings – 1 with shutter pin link




Chinon flash – 90 deg. “computer control” bounce flash + instructions + camera bar. *


2x Sunpak DC3 solid state flash units + 1 Metz Mecalux remote sensor.
Plus long flash cable, assorted cables, multiple flash connector unit,, 8” flash bar.
Sunpak slave unit in case.


Maez Teleflash. Remote flash sensor unit + 3 freebies



Rokkor lens (maybe for enlarger?)


Brown leather bag to carry items marked *

- free to purchaser of all these items -

Panasonic DVC mini DV tapes

90 min LP/ 60 min SP.

27 available: 2 boxes of 10, 7 individual, all shrink-wrapped.

£10 per box of 10

£25 the lot

7 individual tapes at £1.25 each.

3 photographic print processing trays: 2 large enamel on metal, 1 smaller (10 x 8) black plastic.


Nikon focussing screen J



Vivitar panoramic film camera




Books on Photography – click here




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Contact: Michael Barry, +44 (0)1278 733100

All items will have postage added for agreed postal service.