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Very unusual work of modern art - named "Industrial Sculpture". (10"H x 16"L). Bought by present owner at exhibition in Scotland in early 1970s, but artist's name forgotten. Heavy item, bit dusty in picture (but since, carefully cleaned!).


“Rude” bottle collection: Unique collection of 10 fun risque bottles (empty) from younger days - including: Hell (Slovakian strong beer), Bum (Yugoslav fly-spray), Black Head (French white rum), Hell (strong German/ Swiss lager), Siff (Helsinki mineral water), Old Git (French red wine), Pschitt! (sparkling French fruit drink), Fanny (Pastis from Marseilles), Dogs Bollocks (English Beer), Head (Otter strong ale).


2000 piece jigsaw of classic painting



Pair of original cut-throat razors in case: Fagan-Hobson



Single original cut-throat razor in case: Green Dover



Single original cut-throat razor in plastic case: Hamburg Ring



Cut-glass decanter with solid stopper – heavy item.



Pewter chalice with relief decoration



Indian metal mug with enamel worked decoration




Genuine collectible old green bottle



Pair chalice wine cups. Elegant!




Quart pewter mug (James Yates Victorian English pub)




Small German mug, blue/white relief decoration.



Eagle Comic – Dan Dare stories

Operation Saturn (’53)  - first 45 eps            £30

Phantom Fleet  (’58)   - complete 36 eps            £30 continues in next:

Safari in Space  (’59)  -  complete 18 eps            £20        continues in next:

Terra Nova  (’59)        - 21 eps (1 missing – 26/8)    £15

Trip to Trouble    (’60)  - 15 eps (1 missing - 2/6)            £15

Project Nimbus  (’60)  - complete 17 eps             £20

Mission of the Earthmen – available for framed single covers

See left


Complete Dan Dare stories + framed Dan Dare front covers

The first series (1950-8) of The Eagle with its Classic cover of the red corner block in the top left and the flying Eagle emblem surrounded by Frank Hampson's excellent Dan Dare artwork. It was to remain this way for years. Dan Dare created by Frank Hampson was the flagship of the comic and dominated the comic during the 1950's. This was unquestionably the comic’s golden age.

Unique collections of complete Dan Dare stories - £ variable

See left


Framed original pages (reversible) of “Mission of the Earthmen”

(2 styles available)



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For range of household items, including some lovely lamps, click here.

For range of paintings and prints, click here.

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