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Briggs and Stratton engine 12HP – light usage in Westwood that has otherwise rusted beyond further use. Engine needs some TLC but has plenty of life left.

Any other parts thrown in.




(£30 if carcass rem oved)

Table lamp and shade 



2 pairs of candle-effect wall-lights (wooden) + 2 pairs of shades (not matching)



Classic Playboy jigsaw – icon of the 60s! Lovely Playmate in 500 pieces.

Thought to be collectible.



Screwfix 600mm compound mitre saw, width 45mm. Max cutting height 150mm; max mitre cutting width at 45 deg = 100mm;  max mitre cutting width at 90 deg = 170mm; max compound cutting width at 45 deg = 100mm. Condition great (I'm going powered).

Mitre saw


Cordless Drill Kit: 12 volt Hilka Tools (B&Q). Rechargeable. Battery unit past its best but certainly usable. Most drill bits present, all sockets. Kit comprises drill, battery, charger + plug/transformer, 10 HSS drill bits, 6x 51mm power bits, 8 1/4" drive sockets, socket adaptor, chuck capacity <10mm, speed 0-700 rpm, 12 volt. 2 clips on case have broken off (bulldog clip recommended – and included).

Drill kit


Lamp stand (brass or brass-effect, H 28" overall) with shade (16" diam)




Lamp-stand, white carved. No shade.



Alabaster lamp-stand (H 15")  with pink shade.



Cut-glass decanter with solid stopper

cutglass decanter


Pewter chalice with relief decoration



German tankard (has small chip)

german tankard

german mug1


Indian spice box – brass with internal tray coverinbg separate spice containers

indian spice box2

indian spice box


Pair of horn cups


horn mugs


Indian metal mug with enamel worked decoration

 indian cup

indian mug


Set of 3 nestle tables with inset glass covers (one glass has a chipped corner).

nestle tables


Kodak digital camera – older technology but top range quality camera. Boxed. DC120 zoom with memory card included.

Software Cd and soft leather case included. 3x power zoom, macro function. Lens: 38-114mm. Res 1.2 m pixels.

kodak cam2


Pair chalice wine cups

pair chalices


3 photographic print processing trays: 2 large enamel on metal, 1 smaller (10 x 8) black plastic.

photo dishes2


Small German mug, blue/white relief decoration.

small beermug

small german mug


Early echo unit, two speakers, instructions


speaker system2


Spherical china table-lamp (H 14") with shade (shade supporting bar has pushed through retaining material at top, small repair worth considering)



2 single beds and mattresses



£5 each

Chest of drawers – white contiboard, brass fittings (one handle missing)




A number of WINE-MAKING items will be listed in future. These include several 48 gallon plastic containers – ideal as water-butts. Originally used for fruit juice, these have been used for wine-making and are now excess to requirements!

Cheaper ones have small top access only.




Wicker shelf unit – for garden




Multi-exercise machine. Original cost over £200, hardly used (lack of space!).

Range of weights, 2 bars, seat/ prone support.




Solid metal free-standing hearth for solid fuel or for gas effect.

Includes ash-tray, “fuels” for gas effect, and spare base plate.

Dent in upright back.

fireplace 2

fireplace 1


Antique (Victorian/ Edwardian?) swivel office chair with tiltin back



Two circular occasional tables (made from blockboard).

Need painting.



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