Goldmarque GYR 188 / Farnell 250 microlight (G-MJKO) – S/N 90039P

            - for powered seated flying

            - for free flying by heavier pilot


“This is to confirm G-MJKO is registered to you and has been since 1984. Please find attached a CA71 form for you to use in order to notify us of the sale once this has taken place.” (CAA Registrar)


microlightborders 3.jpg

Road quality trailer for trike (with spare wheel, lights, reflectors, number plate)

Skymaster Parachute Automatic Deployment system (delivers whole aircraft safely to ground)

Ozee thinsulate flying suit

“B” bar for seated power flying

Thommen altimeter, Suunto Compass, Hall Ventimeter + bracket, Ruddock Microvario

Unused spare belt and cables

Wing rods correct shape plans

Instruction books     – for Robin engine

                                    - for Gyr 188 Goldmarque Sports

                                    - for Skymaster parachute

microlightborders 1.jpg

CAA exemption cards (85-92)

Welsh hang-gliding Centre Course manual (2 versions)

BHGA Pilot Handbook

10 assorted aeronautical maps (out of date)

Airtour Flight Planning protractor and ruler

General Aviation Safety Sense leaflets 5A, 6-10 inc, 12

Wind sock and pole

Assorted other bits and pieces.

Hiway backpack containing:

            - Skymaster parachute

            - Britax helmet (with HG ear-holes for air-flow evaluation)

            - Skyhook harness for free-flying


microlightborders 2.jpg

Known problems and advice:

There are 4 or so small tears in the wing material – need patching.

Recommend that nuts and bolts are checked and probably replaced, and that everything is serviced and checked by competent technician.

Air filter (foam rubber) needed.

Tyres may need replacing.